Saturday, 27 August 2011

Two wet days in a row

Even more incredibly Friday was another wet day by our standards. Only fractionally more rain fell today (8.4mm) than yesterday but that makes it our wettest day since 26th February 2011. It was the first time since May 16th that we had zero hours of sunshine and just for good measure it was our coldest day of the month with a high of just 14.5°C and daily average of 11.9°C.

Our brassica collection of plug plants arrived from Dobies today. They were in a sorry state with some of the plants broken just above soil level and in one case an empty cell altogether. I’ve contacted Dobies to get their comments. It looks like I might have to start growing my own winter brassica plants if this is the best the seed companies can offer.

I did manage to get some half reasonable plants potted on but that’s not what I expect when I buy one of these collections. Web sites boast about how the plants will be dispatched when they are in their optimum condition. That’s clearly not the case. In previous years the plants have been fine but this year my two purchases of vegetable plug plants have been extremely disappointing.

These are the best of the plug plants in the collection. I’m sure that with some careful nurturing I'll be able to produce some plants suitable for transplanting into the plot.


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