Monday, 18 February 2013

Chitting Potatoes

Sunday was another sunny day, that’s two in a row, we will be getting spoilt.

As the sun lifted the greenhouse temperature to around the 20°C I decided to move our seed potatoes out of the garage and set them to chit in the greenhouse. The potatoes have survived a month in the garage without any problems and it possible to just see the first signs of tiny shoots on some of the earlier varieties.

The tubers were set out in seed trays with the sprouting end uppermost. 
I’m hoping that all my labelling stays in place because there is nothing worse than finding labels have gone missing at planting time. It’s the first time we've had seed potatoes from JBA Potatoes and these look to be of really good quality.
Once all the varieties were set out the trays were placed on the greenhouse shelving for the chits to form. All the trays were covered with a couple of layers of fleece to give some protection from frost.
Hopefully the tubers shouldn't need any more attention until they’re planted out in the first few weeks of April. 
This is our full list of potato varieties for this year which consists mostly of tried and tested varieties along a few new types to us just to see if we can find better tasting and higher yielding varieties than the ones that have earned their place on our tried and tested list.

DT Brown's potatoes can be found here.

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