Saturday, 17 March 2018

Snow Showers

Friday was what we've come to expect, dull, cool with some morning rain. Saturday morning has started off as forecast with snow showers and feeling bitterly cold outside in the strong easterly breeze.
Temperature, Wind Chill & Rainfall Records 15-17 March 2018
It's cold enough at 09:45 for the snow showers not to be showing up on the rainfall totals until it warms up a little bit and the snow in the rain gauge melts.
Hopefully, the snow will melt away quickly. 

Friday, 16 March 2018

It Keeps On Raining

The cold wet weather continued throughout Thursday. Although the rainfall total itself wasn't anything spectacular, 5.2mm (0.2in), it fell on well saturated ground. It's not as though it rains and then brightens up for a bit but rather the rain stops and it remains so dull and dreary its difficult to know if it's still raining or not. Our monthly total is up to 65.4mm (2.57in) already the second highest March total I've recorded and we're only halfway through the month.
Temperature & Rainfall Records for 01-16 March 2018
Friday has started dull and wet and the forecast is for the temperature to fall further as the day goes on with any more rain on Saturday and Sunday falling as snow. Maximum temperatures over the weekend are predicted to be around freezing point with night time temperatures predicted to give some severe frost. Should I move my seed potatoes out of the greenhouse to somewhere frost free again?
As far as allotmenting goes we are still in winter mode. We head to the allotment to harvest the last of our overwintering vegetables and can do little else as the ground is waterlogged.

The only comparable March over the last few years has been March 2013 when a cold spell at the end of the month resulted in an average temperature of 2.5°C or 36.5°F. Currently, our average temperature this March stands at 3.9°C (39.0°F) but with some colder days forecast. However, rainfall in March 2013 was only slightly above average whereas this March has seen much higher rainfall.

Any outdoor gardening looks like it will remain on hold for some time.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Seed Sowing - Madness?

After all the rain on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were dry with a few sunny periods. There's some warmth in the sunshine now we're in the middle of March and during the day the greenhouse warms up nicely in any sunny periods. It was enough to tempt me into sowing a few seeds. Our leeks, which take a considerable time to germinate and grow on, certainly needed sowing. I decided to sow a few lettuce seeds too as there's plenty of seeds in a packet so I didn't see there was much to loose. My plan for them, should they germinate, is that they'll grow on in the greenhouse and coldframe before being transplanted into our raised bed at home for an early crop.
Lettuce seeds "All Year Round" & "Tom Thumb"
However, I couldn't help but think that I wouldn’t have considered sowing seeds in January or February but temperature wise January's average temperature was 5.3°C (41.5°F), February's 3.2°C (37.8°F) whilst March stands at 3.7°C (38.7°F) with a forecasted cold spell of near freezing temperatures by day, let along by night, to come over the weekend. There's more snow showers in the forecast too. At least in the greenhouse the seeds will be a bit warmer by day even if the temperature does fall below freezing through the night. They will also be protected from the rain, speaking of which, it's raining here again on Thursday morning.
I think I'm going to have to give some thought to alternative planting strategies at the allotment. It's not going to be possible to dig over any beds until we have a decent spell of dry weather and I don't think our onions and shallots can wait that long. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Some Decent Weather Urgently Required!

There's not a lot to say about Monday. It rained all day starting in the early hours of the morning continuing through until almost midnight.
In total it amounted to 19.0mm (0.75in) and it fell onto already saturated ground. It will take a good few days of good drying weather before it's fit to do any work on the allotment.
Monday finished up as our second wettest March day since 2010 with 04 March 2016 holding the record with a whopping 27.6mm or 1.09in. The monthly total is already 58.0mm (2.28in) which only leaves March 2016 with a higher March monthly rainfall of 79.0mm or 3.11in.

My table of top twenty wettest days since 2010 looks like this.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Wettest Day So Far

We've had plenty of rain so far in March, enough to put most allotment jobs on hold. Monday has already become the wettest day not only of March but the year so far. The rain gauge has just ticked over to 12.4mm (0.5in) at 10:30 and if the forecast turns out to be correct we've got more wet weather to come today.
We had a trip into the North Yorkshire Moors National Park yesterday (Sunday) to see Tornado. This wasn't one of the weather variety but a steam locomotive named Tornado.
60163 Tornado at Goathland Station
There was still some snow about on the highest points of the moors, especially near Levisham Station, but it was now coated black and not looking its best.
We really should be getting on with some jobs at the allotment but it's far too wet at the moment to even consider digging over any ground let alone planting any crops. If I can this week I'd like to sow some leeks, in modules in the greenhouse, just to feel a little bit of progress is being made.

I've noticed that the computer weather models are suggesting some colder weather following on from next weekend. I'm not sure at the moment that it won't be any worse than overnight frosts and fairly cold by day but there's always a chance that we could get a return of some snow as well. With a week to go there's plenty of opportunity for the weather models to come up with something very different. I'm hoping they will as I'm fed up with cold, snowy and wet weather and would very much appreciate it if spring would hurry up and arrive.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Plenty of Wet Weather

Thursday morning's snow didn't take long to thaw and by Thursday afternoon most of it has disappeared. However, the downside was that the rapid thaw left the ground very wet and soggy.
To compound the issue we've had more rain since then. February has started off as one of the wettest ones I've recorded at this stage of the month. In the last nine years only 2016 recorded more rainfall.
  Temperature & Rainfall Details 04-10 March 2018
Friday turned out to be a much better day. Morning sunshine meant it was pleasant in the greenhouse which had quickly warmed up after an overnight frost. It tempted me into sowing some broad beans. The first seeds to be sown this year.
Broad beans are fairly tough but I'll leave them in the greenhouse to germinate. In the greenhouse I expect germination will take a couple of weeks. They could be sown outside directly into the ground at the allotment but even if that were my preferred option,  due to the recent rain, and snow the soil on the plot is unworkable at the moment.
Preparation of Early Brassica Bed
The good weather tempted us down the allotment on Friday afternoon. The ground was very wet, certainly too wet to dig over, but I managed to prepare a bed ready for our early brassicas which are coming as plug plants from DT Brown. The bed had some compost spread over it and as brassicas prefer to be planted in firm ground I thought the bed didn't need to be dug over. Some fish blood and bone fertiliser and some garden lime were incorporated before the weed control fabric was moved from last year's brassica bed to this one.

Next on the list is to get a bed ready for planting our onion sets but with heavy overnight rain Friday night into Saturday morning, it's going to have to wait until the ground dries out a bit. I've learnt the hard way that attempting to dig our clayey soil when it's too wet can create almost unworkable soil. It's far more productive to delay digging and sowing until the ground dries out a bit. 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

More Snow - Spring Didn't Last Long

The early hours of Thursday morning brought some more snow. Judging from the depth of snow on the bird bath it's probably the best part of 2in or about 50mm.
Thursday, 08 March 2018
It's that wet sort of snow we get, not like that very dry powdery sort we got with the "beast from the east". With virtually no breeze to speak of it's left the trees looking very Christmasy with snow piled up on the branches.
Having said that I'm hoping it all disappears very quickly. We'd planned on a bit of gardening today but it looks as though that might now be on hold until tomorrow. The temperature is a little bit above freezing and the sun is beginning to break through the clouds so fingers crossed it will thaw quickly.
I have a suspicion that it's going to be a rather delayed start to the allotmenting year.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Overnight Spring Arrives

Overnight the snow disappeared and after a bit of a misty start to Tuesday the sun came out, the temperature returned to normal for early March and it felt like spring had arrived.
I even moved the seed potatoes back into the greenhouse to continue chitting.
A final note on the cold weather of the last week or so. I noticed this tweet from Paul Hudson yesterday.